South Indian painting

South Indian painting

In this blog we will post about two school of South Indian painting which are describe further viz

  1. Tanjore school.
  2. Mysore school.

Tanjore School of South Indian painting 

Chola rulers started the Tanjore school of painting. Theme of this school of paintings are Hindu god and goddesses. Some of the famous paintings of this school are, the picture of child Krishna. They mainly focuses on smiling faces of figures. They also do glass paintings and mainly are glass paintings there which are miniature paintings. Tanjore school of painting mainly give the bets touch to decoration. That means, they show pure concentration on decoration. They also do liberal use of Gold.

South Indian painting of Tanjore school,

Mysore school of South Indian painting

Mysore school of paintings started around 17th to 19th century AD. Theme of this school’s paintings are Hinduism. They use a particular type of paste which is known as Gesso. This paste is make of zinc oxide and Arabic gum. The unique feature of this school’s paintings are that it has two or more figures. They also shows main subject larger than the others, which also shows inequality. They also do use of muted colours. Mostly paintings of This school are miniature paintings.

Mysore school of painting,

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