sociology means simply a  scientific study of society & their interactions among various structure of society . It also include social stratification, social class, social mobility, religion, secularisation, law, sexuality, gender, and deviance. In sociology, socio means companion & logy means study i.e sociology means study of society & social institutions. This is also call as beauty of discipline as it provide space for all as long as their is some rational behind their argument. it is about you & me in our social surrounding.

Sociology introduction


 1. The enlightenment period

During 18th& 19th century new way of thinking emerged,the spirit of new awakening, new policies established human being at centre of universe. New outlook developed as result of commercial revolution & scientific revolution.

Enlightenment after French Revolution.

 2. The French Revolution 

French Revolution announced the arrival of political sovereignty at level of individual as well as nation states. It also give idea of Liberty ,equality & fraternity.  Rousseau wrote in this book, THE SOCIAL CONTRACT, that people of a country have right to chose their sovereign. French Revolution have a great role in that time of society and in sociology.

3.The Industrial revolution 

Industrial revolution brought about great changes in social & economic life of people. It started development of banks ,insurance companies & finance corporation and also new class of industrial workers, managers, capitalist emerged.

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