Puppetry in India

Rod Puppetry

Rod puppetry is extension of Glove puppetry but is is more often much larger and also support and manipulates by the help of the rods from below. It’s show mostly happens in West Bengal and Orissa state of India.

Rod puppetry

Putul Naach, West Bengal

Putual naach is also an example of rod puppetry of West Bengal. In this puppets have the costumes like jatra, the traditional theatre. The puppets in this style are carve from wood. Puppets also follow various artistic style of particular region. The puppets are like human in their heights . Their height are on an average 3 to 4 feet. Putul naach rod puppets also uses music of jatra theatre ( Drum, Harmonium and cymbals). Puppeteers themselves sings and deliver stylised prose, dialogues along with the group of musician. The puppets are also manipulated by bamboo made hub which is tied firmly to the waist of puppeteer on which the rod holding the puppet is placed. Puppeteers move and dance imparting the movements of puppets.

Putul naach

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