Puppetry in India

Puppetry in India

Puppetry is a form of theatre, which is perform by manipulation of puppets. It can also be define as, a process of animating inanimate performing objects. Puppetry in India is use for both as an entertainment and also for ceremonially in ritual and celebrations such as carnival.

Puppetry in India originated in around 4000 years ago. Where the main character in Sanskrit play was known as Sutradhar or the holder of strings.

Shadow puppetry

Types of puppets

There are four types of puppets in India viz.

  1. String puppets
  2. shadow puppets
  3. Glove puppets
  4. Rod Puppets.

String Puppets

In this style, there is a puppet with joint body and limbs also joints with strings To allow the movement. These puppets are made of wood and also of wires or clothes, by cotton stuffing. These are usually small puppets.

String puppets

Regional variation


Puppetry name

Andhra Pradesh 

Koya Bomlatta


Putala Naach


Sutrada Gombeyatta


Kala sutri Bahulya




Gopalila ( stories of Geet Govind)

Tamil Nadu 


West Bengal

Sutor Putuli

We will discuss about other puppets in our next post. Also to know more about art and culture click here

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