Pahari school of painting

Pahari school of painting started in 7th to 8th century. Most of the pahari school’s paintings are miniature. These paintings are discover by Metcalfe in Kangra valley. Pahari school also has two influence Mughal and Rajasthani. Theme of pahari school of paintings are boyhood pranks of Krishna, delicate grace of Indian womanhood and also Radha Krishna love scenes.

Pahari school of painting

Pahari school of painting further divide into sub school viz –

Kangra school 

Kangra school is Promoted by Raja Samasar Chand. Theme of this school is love scene of Radha Krishna. This school also translates poetry into paintings. Famous painters of this school are Manku, Kishan Lal and Pattu.

Kangra school of paintings

Thangka school

Thangka school is locates in Ladakh region. These are also makes mostly miniature paintings. In their paintings have Chinese influence which can be see by painting of the popular symbol of Chinese the dragon. Theme of this school are Buddhist. They also uses the silk on their paintings. Thangka school paint8ngs are can be see in the Buddhist places like stupa and nunnery.

Thangka school of paintings

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