Odissi dance

Odissi Dance

Odissi dance originate at Odisha region of India. This dance is patronise by king Kharvel. Theme of this dance are Radha Krishna love, Dashavtar and also Jagannath philosophy. This dance style consist three schools viz

  • Mahari
  • Nartaki.
  • Gotipua.

Mahari are belongs to Devdasi traditions and Nartaki are from royal court. Gotipua are young boys which are also playing the role of females.

Odissi dance

Main features

Main feature of Odissi dance is Tribhangi style, I.e. independent movement of head, chest and pelvis. Also there is a position Chauka , , which is basic square stance.

In Odissi only Odissi music is used. Mudras and expressions are also similar to Bharatnatyam.

Tribhangi posture


A tikka use is there which is a forehead ornament and Alaka which is a head piece where tikka hangs and also the use of bell shape earnings hanging from the chains.

Generally, there is a Group dance which creates geometrical pattern which is most beautiful pattern in the dance. There is also spiral patterns. Odissi dance performance is conclude by a sculpture kind of pose which mobile sculpture.

Artist of this style is Sohal Man Singh.

Odissi dance


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