Mural painting UPSC

Mural painting UPSC are the large work execute on the walls of large structures. These paintings can be see in India in Ajanta caves, Lepakshi temple and Ellora caves etc. Mural painting in India are mostly of the time of Gupta Age.

Mural painting upsc are of two types viz

  1. Dry Fresco.
  2. Wet fresco.

Mural painting upsc

Mural painting UPSC of Gupta age

Ajanta paintings 

In Ajanta, paintings shows expression of emotions through hand postures. Birds and animals are also showing emotion in the painting. All the paintings in Ajanta caves are fresco paintings. Tempera style use is also there. Tempera style is use of pigments in the paintings. Main themes of Ajanta caves paintings are Jatak tales (Buddhism) and the life of Buddha.

Ajanta cave paintings , mural painting upsc

Buddha image Ajanta mural paintings

Bagh painting 


Bagh paintings, mural painting upsc

Bagh mural paintings

Ellora paintings

Theme of the paintings of the Ellora caves are Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism. Depiction of scenes of Ramayana and Mahabharat are prominent here. Shiva as natrajan, battle scenes and elephant in lotus pounds are other major paintings. Technique of Ellora paintings are same as Ajanta paintings.

Ellora cave painting

Ellora cave painting

Mural paintings of Vijayanagar Empire

Lepakshi temple

Lepakshi temple paintings are flourish during Vijayanagar kingdom. Themes of Lepakshi temple paintings are not religious. Instead of this they are secular. In these painting primary colours are absent. These paintings are in bad quality. After this period there was decline in paintings.

Lepakshi temple murals

Lepakshi temple paintings

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