Mughal period architecture 

We will read about the Mughal period architecture according to the kings of that period.


At that period Babur he was unable for the development of the architecture cause of wars at that time. He build only two mosques at Rohilkhand and Panipat.

Kabuli bagh mosque Panipat Mughal period architecture


Humayun’s life was too short to emphasise on Mughal period architecture. He died early. Humayun also led the foundation of Dinpanah which later become sher garh under Sher shah suri. (Sher shah suri also build Grand truck road). Humayun also uses 4 cemented arch architecture. He also build semi domed roofs and double dome roofs too. Inverted dome’s use was also there. Humayun’s tomb initiated by his wife Haji begam, in which all features of indo Islamic architecture are present. The use of first white marble found here. In Humayun’s tomb there is also  use of Red sand stone.

Humayun tomb Mughal period arc


In Mughal period architecture, Akbar’s architecture are full of grace, elegancy, and also rich decorative work with his religious ideology ( secular). There was also use of traditional Hindu elements. Akbar’s famous architectures are

  • Fort of Agra (1565- 74).
  • Fatehpur Sikri (1569-74).
  • Gateway of Arab sarai. (Guesthouse of Humayun tomb).
  • Ajmer fort (1564-73).
  • Lahore fort (1586-1618).
  • Diwan-I-khas (private hall for audience).

Fatehpur Sikri

Fatehpur Sikri is also a world heritage site since 1986. In Fatehpur Sikri, there is a Jama Masjid created by Akbar. In mosque southern entrance there is a huge great door known as Buland darwaza. At Fatehpur Sikri he also build panch mehel, jodha bai palace, Salim chidti tom. In this period use of intricate jali work is found. Jali work’s climax is also from this period. The architecture of Akbar shows the philosophy of Akbar which is also known as Akbari style of architecture.

Akbar also build the Harem which are quarters for the women in Muslim family. Akbar also build a temple of Govind Dev at Vrindavan.

Lahore fort Mughal period architecture

Buland darwaza Mughal period architecture


In Mughal period architecture, Jahangir contributed via making various architecture like Akbar’s tomb. His wife Nur Jahan constructed the tomb of his father Idmat-ud-daula at Agra. Here first time the use of complete marble is found.  Use of Pietra dura first time in this tomb. Jahangir also build the Moti masjid at Lahore. Jahangir constructed his own makbara at Lahore.

Moti masjid Lahore fort


In Shahjahan’s period mosque building reached at its climax. His main works are Jama Masjid at Delhi, Tajmahal at Agra, moti masjid of Agra fort, Shalimar Bagh at Lahore.

Jama Masjid of Delhi


  • Made in 1632.
  • UNESCO’s world heritage site.
  • Use of char bagh style.
  • Above the finial of Tajmahal there is a kalash under which there is crescent shape.

Tajmahal by Shahjahan Mughal period architecture


Aurangzeb’s period can also be look as decline of Mughal period architecture. He build the poor replica of Tajmahal which is also known as Bibi Ka Makbara at Aurangabad ,Red Fort at Delhi and badshahi mosque at Lahore.

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