Mohiniattam dance and Sattriya are the part of Indian classical dance. The Mohiniattam originates is Kerala state while Sattriya in in Assam.

Mohiniattam dance

In Mohiniattam, mohini means temptress and Attam means dance. Mohiniattam is a graceful act which is only performed by women. Theme of mohiniattam dance are mainly Love and devotion. Lasya aspects also dominate here. There is also a Bharatnatyam and Kathakali influence in mohiniattam. In mohiniattam dance, music includes vocal (called chalu), veena, flute, Mandala and also the Iddaka. Performers do realistic make up with simple dressing. Costume of mohiniattam include white or cream sari with gold border and also with profusely plate.

Mohiniattam dance form


Madhvi Amma and chinnamu Amma are famous artist of this style.

Sattriya Dance

Sattriya dance is traditional dance of Assam. It’s perform by Bhokotsk who are monk (male), in monastery as part of daily rituals. Mythological stories are in the performance. Which is performed by males and also by females. Sattriya dance is recognise as Indian classical dance in 2000. Use of devotional songs which are also call as Borgeet, For dancing. In this dance form first position is known as Ora. Sattriya includes both tandav and lasya aspect in the dancing. This dance was performed by Bhakti saint whose name was Shankar Dev.



In this dance many instruments use are there viz. Khol (drum), Taal (cymbals),  also the use of flute.

Costumes and ornaments

Costumes are of Pat which is also a part of silk. Assamese style ornaments use are in Sattriya dance.

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