Miniature paintings 

Miniature paintings are very small and very detailed paintings. These paintings are execute on very small scale. Miniature paintings can be find on books, Manuscripts, on the other material like paper cloth or even glass. Miniature name is derive from Minium or red colour, it’s name have nothing with the size.


Miniature paintings

Technical rule for miniature paintings 

Miniature paintings size should not be more than 25 inch square. The subject must not be paint greater than one sixth of it’s original size. These paintings are not merely about the size but also the level of detail that differentiate it from small paintings.

Technical rule of miniature paintings

Feature of Indian miniature paintings

In Indian miniature painting, They show most human character from side profile. Big eyes, point nose are it’s feature. In women’s drawing there are slim waist and long hairs. Skin colour are mostly brown and hair’s and eyes’s colour are black. In lord Krishna’s images skin colour are blue. In these paintings dresses are Indian traditional dresses. Men have turban in their head. Initially they use natural colour. Famous painters of miniature paintings are Vaachak, Nihal chand ( famous painting Bani Thani also known as Monalisa of India).

Bani thani aka Monali a of india by Nihal Chand

Various type of Miniature paintings

In India there are 4 schools of miniature painting viz

  1. Pal school of paintings.
  2. Apabhransh school.
  3. Mughal painting.
  4. Regional paintings

Pal school of paintings 

In this school paintings mostly there are lonely human figures. They mainly draw manuscripts paintings. Initially pal school’s paintings are done on palm leaf and later on paper. This school is located in Bihar and also in Bengal. Theme of this school’s paintings are Buddhism and Hinduism. They also represent banana and coconut tree in their paintings.

Pal school of painting

Apabhransh school

Apabhransh school is located in Mewar and Gujrat region. Theme of this school are Jain and Vaishnav. Characteristic of this school paintings are bulging eyes, pointed nose, double chin etc. Use of bright and gold colours are there in the paintings. The figures in the paintings are stiff. Animals and birds are represented as the toys.

Painting of apabhransh school

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