Indian classical dance, Manipuri dance

Manipuri dance

Manipuri dance is one of the classical dance of India. It’s origin is in Manipur state of India.


Features of This Dance are that in this dance movements are subtle and aim at devotion and also at grace. In this style, both elements Nritta and Natya are in balance manner. Lasya aspect mainly dominate here. Focus on this dance mainly on knee and also on hand movements. In this style there is also focus on rounded movements. In Manipuri style, dancers feet never strike ground hard. The Themes of This style are both Radha Krishna theme as well as erotic themes too. Pungi, drum, cymbals and also the flutes are used to provide music. Music is sing by a singer.

Manipuri dance

Costume include

For females dress called Pattoi and lehenga called kumin. Transparent odini is worn on the head and covers the face.

For males there is usually saffron dress depicting Krishna. Dancers in Manipuri dance usually don’t wear the anklet bells. Dancers attempt to connect the body through curve with a pose which is shape of 8 and also known as Nag bhang Mudra. Rabindrnaath Tagore promoted Manipuri dance in Shantiniketan.

Manipuri dance costume

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