Kuchipudi dance

Kuchipudi UPSC

Kuchipudi UPSC dance forms originate in the Andhra Pradesh region. It’s name also originate form the village on Andhra region name Kuchipudi. Initially this dance only performed by male artist in group. At that time is was also known as Bhagvatharu. It also shares many common elements with Bharatnatyam. Themes of this dance are initially base on Bhagwat Puram but later it also become secular with dominance of Srinagar.


A unique Feature of this dance is also call as Tarangam, in which a dancer dances in plate with diya in the hand and also a vessel of Water in his head. The use of Carnatic music prevail here. The costume of Kuchipudi are Similar to Bharatnatyam. These costume also includes Katcham (long fold) at the back of the costume. Dancer combines herself with singer and also uses speeches in the dance.

Kuchipudi costume

Unique Feature

Taal Chitra Natya is unique feature of Kuchipudi, in which dancer draw a painting on the floor while dancing from toes.

Manduka sabdam is the story of frog which is used in this style. Lasya and Tandav both are present in this style.


Famous artist of this style are Raja and Radha reddy and Indrani Rehman.

Radha and Raja reddy

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