Khayal music

Khayal Music

Khayal means the idea, thought or imagination. In this style have more free and also flowery songs. Theme of the Khayal music are divine love, separation of lovers and also the pranks of Sri Krishna. In the khayal lyrics are ornamental. More words are used in khayal music. They also use Taan and tempo. Khyal don’t have any time limitations for the Alaap. The performance of khayal happens on the base of tempo which are;-

  1. Bada Khayal.
  2. Chhota Khayal.

4 Gharana under Khayal style


Gwalior Gharana

Gwalior gharana is the oldest gharana of khayal style. Vishnu Palushkar is the famous artist of this style. Famous song of this style is Raghupati Raghav Raja ram.

Vishnu palushkar , khayal music, focus civil

Kirana Gharana

Kirana gharana is from Kurukshetra Hariyana. Famous singer of this gharana is Bheem Sen Joshi and also Gangu bai.

Bheemsen joshi, khayal music

Patiala Gharana

In this school rhythm is also important. It’s main focus on emotions. Founder of this school is Ustad Bade gulam Ali shah. Begam Akhtar and naina devi are also the famous singer of this Gharana.

Begum Akhtar patiala gharana khayal music

Agra gharana 

Agra gharana also known as Rangeela Gharana. In this school Raga have the importance. Vijay kichlu and C R Vyas are the famous singer of this gharana.

C r Vyas Agra gharana

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