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Kathakali Dance UPSC

Kathakali dance UPSC origin is in Kerala state. It is combination of two words katha and also Kali. Which stands for dance and drama respectively. Theme of Kathakali are mythological. Mainly the themes are of conflict between God and Evil. E.g. Bhadra Kali vs Asur war. Facial expression have very high role in Dance. Specially of eyes and eyebrows. Attractive makeup’s use is also prevail here, with special costumes.

Kathakali dance

Performance of Kathakali is a combination of five elements viz Natyam (Expression), Nritya ( Dance), Geet ( Vocal), Nrithyam ( enactment), and also Vadya ( Instruments). For vocal Carnatic music is used with manipravalam as language of songs.

Kathakali dance upsc

Elaborate makeup use in This style viz Green face colour for Noble character and green with red for Evil characters and Red face colour for Excessive evil , also the yellow colour fir women. Costumes are also elaborate and differ according to character.

Kathakali features

Origin of Kathakali is in temples. Generally it’s performance happens in open air. It starts in night and end in the arrival of Dawn.

What are the 5 Main Roles in Kathakali?

The 5 major roles or veshams are as following.

  1. Pacha (Green) – It portray noble characters like kings and divine beings
  2. Kathi (Knife) – It portray arrogant and evil characters.
  3. Kari (Black) – it Used to portray evil characters.
  4. Thaadi (Beard) – There are 3 different types of this.
  5. Minukku (Radiant) – It portray spiritual characters like sages.


Kalamandalam Gopi and Kalamandalam Murli.

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