Red-fort, medieval period architecture of India

Architecture of Medieval period in India 

  • Architecture of Medieval period in India also known as Indo-Islamic architecture.
  • It is the influence of Islam in indian subcontinent architecture around 7th century AD.
  • In the phase of architecture of medieval period in India, Both secular and religious buildings are found which are also influence by indo Islamic architecture, which exhibit India ,Islamic, Persian, central Asian, Arabic and Ottoman Turkish architecture style. Many of these styles are also influence by Indian architecture. It also Replace Indian Trabeate style with Arcuate style.
  • Turks and Afghan Muslims have inherit wealth of various design from Sassanian and Byzantine empire and being naturally endow with good taste of building.
  • Ornamental decoration also presents in architecture of medieval period in India.
  • Prayer hall towards Mecca (Quibla), less decoration in prayer hall.
  • Purdah system for female who comes for prayer.
  • Tower to call prayer (Azaan).
  • The Muslims like romans were also responsible for making extensive use of lime as plaster and a base of decoration which was incised into it and held enamel work on tiles.

Difference between Arcuate and Trabeate style of medieval period architecture
Trabeate style 

Trabeate style is one of the main style of architecture of that time.

  • Lintel use in this style.
  • shikar also prevail in this.
  • No use of minar.
  • Material sand stone.

Trabeate style of medieval period architectureArcuate style of architecture of medieval period 

Arcuate style is also one of the main style for architecture.

  • In this lintel is replace by arch.
  • There is also use of dome.
  • Concept of minar is also there.
  • Material, brick, lime and mortar used for making Of dome.( wood was not used because of the geography. Lack of availability of wood).

Trabeate and Arcuate style of medieval period architecture f medieval period Delhi sultanate imperial style

  1. Slave Dynasty.
  2. Khilji dynasty.
  3. Tughlaq Dynasty.
  4. Lodhi dynasty.

we will discuss about these and also about its features in our next post.

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