Indus Valley civilisation

In this blog we will read about the Indus Valley civilisation sculpture. After excavation of Indus Valley civilisation (IVC) site, various kind of seals, pottery, terracotta figures were found there. Viz


In the excavation of Indus Valley civilisation sculpture, many shape of seals were founded over there like square, rectangular, circular and cylindrical too.

  • Mostly those seals were in square 2×2 size.
  • For making seals there was use of soft river stones (Steatite, copper and terracotta).
  • Seals were also used for Trade purposes.
  • Animal motifs are found on the seals.
  • They also used pictographic script on the seals.
  • In IVC, Gold, Silver and Ivory seals were also found.
  • Same seals are also found in Mesopotamia that means there were maybe a trade  connection between Mesopotamia and IVC.

Seals, Indus Valley civilisation sculpture

– Pictographic script writing was from right to left.

Seals of Pashupati

  • It’s a seated figure of yogi I.e. Shiva surrounded by 4 animals.

Rhino and Buffalo on Right side

Elephant and Tiger on Left side

  • Two antelope are shown below the seat of figure.

Seal of pashupati, indus valley civilisation sculpture

There were no religious structure or architecture found. Maybe it was a secular society.

Purpose of Seals

  1. Trade and Commerce.
  2. In copper seals there was a little hole inside the seal, to use them as amulets ( they believe that it will protect them from negative powers).
  3. Some seals have pi (π) sign on it. It can be said as educational society too.
  4. Unicorn seals and Bull seals were also found there.

Terracotta Sculpture of Indus Valley civilisation sculpture

  • Terracotta sculpture prominently founded in Mohanjodaro both realistically as well as systematically.
  • Hand made terracotta figures are also found there which were made from Pinching method.
  • Famous terracotta figure of that time were Mother Goddess (Worshiped for Fertility and Prosperity).
  • Terracotta Toy carts were also there. The famous toy is Toy animals with movable heads.
  • Birds and animals figures were also founded there.
  • Terracotta figure of bull and the pair of two squirrels are also famous sculptures of that time.

Terracotta sculpture, Indus Valley civilisation sculpture

Bronze Sculpture

Lost wax Method was used for bronze sculpture.

Lost wax Method- In Lost wax Method, Dry wax was moulded into a shape of figure and then they do the clay coating around there and a small hole placed on the bottom of the clay, to get wax out. After that they put the molten bronze inside the hollow clay and let that dry. After that we remove the clay and sculpture is ready.

  • Famous Bronze sculpture of that time were Bronze Dancing girl.
  • Major famous sites for Bronze sculpture are kalibangan, Harappa and Daimabad.
  • Even now, we are not able to make that good bronze figures. This shows that how skilled were the people of IVC.

dancing girl, Indus Valley civilisation sculpture

Stone Sculpture Of Indus Valley civilisation sculpture

  • Very famous stone sculpture of that time was “Bearded Priest” from Mohanjodaro.

Bearded priest, Indus Valley civilisation sculpture

– They know the weaving knowledge with trefoil pattern.

Male torso

  •  Male torso was made of Red limestone.
  • It was founded on Harappa .
  • it’s remarkable for naturalistic pose, sophisticating model ling and highlighting the physical beauty.
  • The heads and arms of this figure .
  • The heads and arms of this figure were carved separately and socketed into drilled holes of torso.

Male torso of IVC

Male Dancerstill beloved’s to same period and discovered to Harappa.


  1. At that time, use of ornaments was done by both male and female.
  2. Large variety of Metals were used for ornaments and precious metals are also used there.
  3. Unisex ornaments prevails in Indus Valley civilisation sculpture.
  4. Evidence of Dead body with ornaments.
  5. They were also knowledgeable about cosmetic, use of cillabar.
  6. They were conscious about of fashion.
  7. Variety of cosmetics were present in IVC e.g. Lipstick, Eyeliner, Face Paint.
  8. They also do spinning of wool and cotton.

Ornaments of IVC


  • Red and Black pottery was founded in Indus Valley civilisation sculpture.
  • In which background colour was Red and design was done in Black colour.
  • Pottery was not hand made but it was wheel made.
  • These pottery mainly founded in citadel.
  • Pottery also used for decorative purposes too.
  • Pottery also used for household purposes and perforated pottery was use for storing liquor.

Pottery, of IVC

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