Arts are also subdivided into two parts viz 1. Visual art, 2. Performing Arts

Visual Art

Visual art are those arts which we can see and touch. In shorts it is a tangible form of art. Eg- painting, stupa, Architecture etc. It consists viz

1. Architecture

2. Sculpture

Difference between Architecture and Sculpture

In art, architecture is designing a building with consideration of utility with aesthetic factors and beauty too.

While Sculpture is an individual art, no requirement of engineering. It’s solely based on creativeness.

Indus Valley civilisation Architecture

In Indus Valley civilisation architecture we will read about

  1. Town planning
  2. public bath
  3. Granaries
  4. Dockyard

Feature of Indus Valley civilisation Architecture- 

  1. Art of the Indus Valley civilisation architecture was indigenous and without any influence.
  2. sculpture have no integral role in architecture. They found separately.
  3. Concentration of utility factor rather than aesthetic factor because they are traders.

Town Planning-

  • In IVC, Roads cuts on right angle and majorly are in rectangular shape.
  • there were presence of multi storey buildings.
  • Town planning can be divide on 2 forms – 1. Citadel (upper part or political, economy rich and VIP area). 2. Non Citadel
  • Citadel for Elite class.
  • Houses are create of stone and wood too.
  • Assembly halls are also found there.

Indus Valley civilisation Architecture

Public bath- 

  • Public bath’s use for rituals and ceremony.
  • There were Small rooms along with the bath.
  • no leakages and cracks on stairs.
  • Bricks use for making public bath.


  • Granaries are found In citadel to save from rats and the other reason were the people from citadel were prosperous.
  • These are also found at Lothal Dockyard to facilitate import and export.

Granary, Indus Valley civilisation architecture

Drainage system- 

  • There is a modern system use for drainage which were temporarily covered to cure the blockages.

Lothal Dockyard-

  • The Dockyard is away from the main current to avoid deposition of silt.
  • There is a Lock gate (wooden) system too, to avoid tidal flow.

Lothal Dockyard Indus Valley civilisation architecture

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