Indo-Islamic architecture fully develop under Mughal.

Features of Indo Islamic architecture 

  • Arch and dome method use was there and also the use of Arcuate style. ( To know about Arcuate style visit
  • Existence of minar.
  • Mortar used as a cementing agent to dome and arch.
  • They don’t represents the human beings.
  • Provides spaciousness, massiveness and breath to Hindu architecture.
  • Use of calligraphy- Pietra dura technique.
  • Use of arabesque method.
  • Significance of light (zali work).
  • Symmetry.
  • Use of water in premises.
  • Fore-sighting technique.
  • Charbagh style.

Jali work of indo Islamic architecture of Mughal period

Tajmahal of Mughal period, indo Islamic architecture

Pietra dura technique 

  • Decorative art.
  • Also known as Parchin kari in South Asia is a term for the inlay technique of using cut and fill and also highly polished and also use of coloured stone to create images.
  • The stone work, after the work is assembled loosely, is glued stone by stone to substrate after having previously been sliced and cut in different shape and sections and assembled so precisely that the conduct between the each section of was practically invisible.
  • Stability was achieved by grooving the underside of the stones So that they interlock, rather like jigsaw puzzle. With everything hold tautly in place by an encircling frame.
  • First appears in Rome in 16th century.

Pietra dura of Mughal period, indo Islamic architecture

Arabesque method 

  • Method of design and decoration.
  • Flower, vegetation depicted on wall because Quran prohibited the depiction of human beings and animals.

Arabesque method , indo Islamic architecture

Use of water 

  • Cooling purpose.
  • Mirror image.
  • To add the beauty of the monument.

Charbagh style

  • Persian style of Garden layout. The quadrilateral garden is divided by walk ways or flowing waters into four small parts.
  • I.e. Humayun tomb and Tajmahal.

Charbagh style

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