Indian Classical Dance

Indian classical dance is form of art, where the body use as medium of communication. The Indian dance is a heritage for India. It’s at least 5000 years old. Classical dance is of divine origin. It’s derive from rituals of temple worship. The wall paintings of Ajanta and Ellora cave also the sculpture of Khajuraho stands ample of evidence for the popularity of indian dance at ancient time. Nataraja, lord shiva are the supreme manifestation of India classical dance.

8 Indian classical dance


Natyashastr is a book from which the principals of Indian dance are derive. The writer of this book is Bharat muni.  Bharat muni traces its origin from lord brahma’s 5th Veda which is Natya Veda. From Other 4 Vedas we take following-

  1. Rigveda – Words.
  2. Yajur Veda – Abhinay
  3.  Sam Veda – Music
  4. Atharv Veda – Rasa.

Natyashastr from which Indian classical dance originated

Basic aspects of Indian classical dance

The masculine aspect of Indian classical dance is Tandav which brings the movement and rhythm in the dance. And there is also feminine aspect in Lasya which brings bhav, grace, Rasa and also abhinay. In every dance there is a presence of mudras and also rasa.

There are total nine rasa viz Happiness, sorrow, compassion, wonder, anger, fear, courage, disgust and also the peace. These rasa are also known as respectively viz Hasya, Karuna, Shringar, adbhut, Raudr,  bhayanak, veer, Bibhatsya and also Shant.

There are 108 fundamental mudra of Indian dance. Dance is considered as a complete art.


Types of Indian classical dance

There are 8 dance. In which they have to follow 2 rules first, they should be govern by rule of natyashastr and second is they also should follow the guru and shishya parampara.

The 8 classical dance are

  1. Bharatnatyam
  2. Kuchipudi
  3. Kathakali
  4. Mohiniattam
  5. Odissi
  6. Manipuri
  7. Kathak
  8. Sattariya
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