Hindustani music

Indian classical music have two parts first, Hindustani music and second is, Carnatic music. In this blog we will discuss about Hindustani music.

Hindustani Music

Hindustani music started in India way back to Vedic period. This style focuses on the freedom of artists, that’s why there is a gharana system. Which also shows outsider influence. In Hindustani style, emotional music also prevail. The influence of this style is mostly on northern and western India. Only 6 ragas Use are here in this style. Ragas are subjected to time, moods and season. Emphasis on instruments also found here. The main feature of this style is gradual building up tempo from very slow to very fast. Main instruments of Hindustani style are Tabla, sarangi, sitar and also santoor. And the common instruments are Violin and Flute.

Hindustani music instruments

Sub style under Hindustani music

  1. Dhrupad.
  2. Khayal.
  3. Dhamar.
  4. Thumri.
  5. Tarana.
  6. Tappa.


Dhrupad is the mother of all the sub styles of the Hindustani music. It has Vedic origin and from Samaveda and It also developed in temples. It emphasis on the pronouncing mantra in a proper tone. In the performance of dhrupad main features are Alaap and also the Bandish. Dhrupad also emphasise on the arrangements of musical parts. Themes of the Dhrupad are Religion, philosophy, devotion and also the celebration of seasons. Dhrupad was promoted by Raja Mansingh Tomar of Gwalior. Akbar also made it popular through Hari Das, Tansen and Baijubaavara.

Dhrupad hindustani music

4 Gharana’s of Dhrupad style

1. Dagar Gharana

Dagar gharana also known as Jaipur Gharana. This gharana relates to Dagri bani. Gundecha brothers, Haridas and Bairam Khan was Promoter of this gharana.

Dagar gharana

2. Darbhanga Gharana

Darbhanga gharana is located on Bihar. It’s relation to Gauhar Bani. Founder of this gharana was Karta Ram.

Darbhanga gharana

3. Bettiah Gharana

This gharana is also from Bihar. And related to Khandaar Bani. Founder of this gharana was Hyder Khan.

Bettiah gharana

4. Talwandi Gharana

Talwandi gharana is from Punjab region. Which is related to Nau Hari bani.

Talwandi gharana

We will discuss about khyal, dhamar, thumri, tarana and tappa in our upcoming posts.

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