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Welcome to your Geography Test 2

What happens when one crosses 180° Longitude from east to west?
Which period has been the immediate predecessor of the Quarternary period?
The chronometer is used for
How much does a nautical mile measure
A narrow stretch of land connecting two large land masses is called
What is the name given to an area of land extending up to a long distance into the sea so that the sea surrounds it on three sides?
The North Pole experiences continuous dark at the time of
The shortest route between two places is along the
Which country will have the longest summer day?
Geomorphology is study of
A rock can be best defined be
The rocks formed through deposition of debris in the water bodies are called
What does the term ‘SiAl’ refer to?
What is the general extent of the shadow zone of an earthquake?
Gutenberg discontinuity lies between

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