Folk paintings of India UPSC is one of the most important topic for UPSC and IAS exam. It covers one of a important part of art and culture. Prelims ask so many questions from this side of art and culture.

Folk Paintings of India UPSC

Folk paintings of India UPSC are those paintings which develops regionally. The theme of these folk paintings are mainly folk tales, native hero’s painting. They also draw local vegetation in the paintings. Customs and cultures are directly reflects by these paintings, of that region.

Folk Paintings,

Some of the main regional folk paintings of India UPSC are describe below.

Madhubani paintings Folk paintings of India UPSC

Madhubani paintings are mainly present in Mithila region of Bihar. Theme of these paintings are Hindu god and goddesses, mythology, wedding scenes, festival scenes and also royal courts scenes. These paintings are exclusively made by women painters. Before 1967 they only makes mural paintings but after 1967 they also starts making miniature paintings for economical purpose. In these paintings there is no space left empty. Unique feature of these paintings are outline directly draw with brush without any preliminary sketching. In Madhubani style, there are mainly 2D figures. They also uses symbols instead of things. Also the use of colourful rice is prevail here. Kohabar are mural paintings in bedroom with erotic scenes. Prominent painters of Madhubani paintings are Sita Devi.

Madhubani paintings

Warli paintings

Warli paintings are mainly tribal paintings. They are find mostly in Maharashtra region. These paintings are mural paintings. They use cow dung for background plaster. In these paintings, white colour paste use to draw figures. Male and female figures are draw in geometrically pattern.

Warli folk Paintings, Folk paintings of India UPSC

Manjusha paintings

Region of Manjusha paintings is Bhagalpur region Bihar. These paintings are also call as Angika art. They makes mainly snake paintings. In this folk painting, paintings are made on the the boxes of jute and paper.

Manjusha painting

Patna qalam paintings

Theme of this paintings are common man daily life scenes. These are miniature paintings. Male artists dominate in these paintings. In this style there is also a indo British influence. Famous painter of these paintings are Sevakram.

Patna qalam painting folk painting of india upsc

Bazar paintings 

Bazar paintings are native of Bengal region. European influence can be find in this style of paintings because the figures of Roman and Greek are copy here. Also the figures of indian gods with many arms are condemn because they don’t follow human representation. Every day bazar scene and also the female dancer which are dancing in front of the British officers are the theme of Bazar paintings.

Bazaar paintings folk paintings of India UPSC

Pattachitra Paintings

Pattachitra  literally translates to picture on a cloth. It is traditionally practised in the Odisha. The paintings also consist Hindu mythology, religious stories, folklore and the figures of deities. Natural paints and a cloth canvas are used for creating of simple themes.

Pithora Paintings, Folk paintings of India UPSC

It is a very ritualistic painting practised by tribes like Rathwas, Bhilalas of Central Gujarat. These are found on the walls of the houses and are believed to bring peace, prosperity and happiness to the household. These paintings are consider  more of a ritual than an art form to plead the gods for a boon. It is interesting to note that there is not even a single attempt to imitate nature. The walls are get treat with a double layer of cow dung and a layer of chalk powder before painting.

Gond Art paintings

Gond art paintings consist  life as the central theme of art. It is practise by “Gondi” tribe of Central India. The art form celebrates life i.e, hills, streams, animals, birds etc. The tribes, traditionally painted the paintings on the mud walls of their house.

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