Folk dance of india

India is a very big and diverse country in culture. There are also so many folk dance of India, which I’m describing below.


Chhau is a folk dance of India which is also recognised by UNESCO. In this dance, dancer use to wear masks. The meaning of Chhau is Chhaya or shadow. Theme of Chhau are mythological which are mainly based on Ramayana, Mahabharata and also on the conflict of God and evil. Martial movements are also present in this folk dance. Hindustani music’s use prevail here. This dance’s performs happens in the Chaitra month according to Hindu calendar. There are also three sub styles of Chhau viz Sarai Kella in Jharkhand, Purulia Chhau in Bengal region and Mayur Bhanj Chhau in Odisha (mask Use is not in the Mayurbhanj Chhau).

Purulia Chhau

Purulia Chhau is also a folk dance and a sub part of Chhau dance. This dance happens in night in the open ground. Mask dance dance performance done only by male dancers. Mask is prepared by clay and papers. Theme of this dance are mainly on mythology viz Ramayana and Mahabharat. As singer complete the invocation song, a host of drummers and musician starts beating the dhol and Dhamsa.

Purulia Chhau folk dance of India

Martial dance

Martial dance also come under folk dance of India. Some of the martial dance are

  1. Chhau.
  2. Gatka in Punjab region by Nihang community.
  3. Thangta in Manipur region. In which the display of swords are important.
  4. Kalaripayattu in Kerala region.


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