Dhamar taal

Dhamar style

Dhamar style is mainly based on dhamar taal. It has irregular 14 beats also with freedom. Theme of this style are erotic, Krishna and also the festivals etc.

Dhamar music

Thumri style

Thumri is a mixture of ragas, in which the use of light and also the romantic words prevail. Mainly theme is romantic. And it’s song are sung in Braj bhasha. There are two type of thumri viz

  1. Purvi thumri.

  2. Punjabi thumri.

Thumri music and dhamar music

Tarana style

In Tarana style, rhythm is important and there is mostly no meaning of words. Use of fast tempo is also prevail here. Fast tempo is used with the rhythm. It requires specialisation and also the skills for rhythmic manipulation.

Tappa style

Tappa style is famous in Punjab region. Initially camel drivers of north west use to sing the tappa. In this style use of very quick phrase prevail. In the tappa, emphasis on short taan also without much elaboration. The style is getting extinct now a days. The famous artist of this art is Miyah Sodi. Though this style is getting extinct from Punjab region but still the people of Punjab are to protect this native style of Punjab. It’s very famous among the other regions of India too.

Dhamar, thumri, tappe and also tarana are very essential part of our Hindustani style music. The other part of Hindustani style are dhrupad and khayal.

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