Carnatic music

Carnatic Music

Carnatic music is a part of Indian classical music. It’s of more recent origin. In this style there is no freedom for the artist. He have to sing in all the limitations of rules. This style is also a indigenous music style. There no such Gharana system in This style. Instead of this they sing very intellectual and spiritual music. In this style mainly famous I’m peninsular India. In Carnatic music style, there are also the use of raga prevail though there are more than 72 raga or mela karta. There is also no specific time for ragas or anything else. The main emphasis of this style is on vocal music. Constant and early fast tempo prevail in Carnatic style. This style is wholly composition based. The main instruments of this style are Veena, mandolins and also the mridangam.


Veena, Carnatic music style instruments

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