Art and culture of india

Introduction of Art and Culture UPSC

Firstly in art and culture UPSC, we will go through the definition of art and culture.


 Art is creative expression of of one’s experience. or we can say it’s a practical form of any plan or idea.


culture refers to a wide variety of human behaviour. It’s a collective approach and culture is evolutionary according to social group and time.

Philosophy of Indian Art – In the Indian art, there is influence of many religions in our dance, music, art, and parings etc, just because of invasion of the outsiders in our country. But after that they became person of this land and influence our culture.

At that time the architect who make the pillar, same person would made that architecture and make the painting on that architecture too.

Qualities of Indian Artist- The Indian artist were good in the form in which arts were attached with religion, spirituality (god and goddess). Indian artist also do compromise with anatomy to show a person very different and make society to influence by him.

There are two type of art form prevailed in India viz-

1. Visual Art

2. Performing Art

Visual Art- Visual art consist-

Madhubni painting art and culture of india

Performing Art- In performing art there comes-

Puppetry art and culture of india

From where we can know about art and culture- Religion, Language, Literature, cinema, calendars, philosophy, festivals, coinage, fairs, handicrafts, institutions, maths, science, Medicine and astronomy etc.

Art and culture upsc, is one of a main part in upsc. It’s help you in prelims and in your mains topics.
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